Web Freight Scheduler


Web Freight Scheduler
Giving you access anywhere, anytime to manage your truck schedules.  

Designed by the HHA team specifically for use with the latest version of FreightMan V8.3 or higher

This is a web front end for our FreightMan Software - the fabulous new browser-based interface is linked to your FreightMan system behind the scenes and has access to the full rating schedules.

HHA Web Freight Scheduler

Latest Enhancements

googlemaps-816AMS - bringing you integration with Google Maps

AMS have developed a new feature for us to use within our Web Freight Scheduler.  We can now send mapping links in a message, and the driver (or mobile user) can click on the link and open in Google Maps.  The link can be be a place, a set of directions from A to B or a route with way points (effectively mapping the drivers run for the day).  
HHA Google Maps
HHA will introduce this new feature to our existing AMS Web Freight Scheduler clients. 

As part of the new feature HHA will develop a "utility" for customers to run over their emPOWER database to generate the mapping link for them to test the accuracy of their address data for mapping.

email notification-414-716Email - Notification of Booked Job

To help make dispatchers jobs easier, the Logistics team have developed a new feature to automatically email clients when a job is created.

How will this happen:

A new email contact method in emPOWER will allow you to store the correct booking confirmation email address for your clients.  From there, when a new consignment is saved in Freight Scheduler an email will be sent to the specified email address, if present.

The content of the email is completely customisable and can include most consignment related fields.  

Home Page
Web Freight Scheduler Homepage
Despatchers are able to:
  • Create consignments and allocate them to trucks;
  • Record pick-up and delivery time details, so that driver's day sheets are sorted by pick-up time
  • Print out Truck Day List
  • Filter Consignment by
    • Depot
    • Schedule e.g. Type of work or division
  • Trace status of deliveries
Being a browser-based application, Web Freight Scheduler may be accessed away from your office allowing despatchers to manage truck schedules while away from the office.  Internet EMOJI's colour coded for easy recognition.
Individual Consignment Detail
  • Consignments are setup to a client, clients can have multiple addresses as setup in emPOWER
  • Fantastic auto rating to the same degree of FreightMan and even more

Truck Day List
Truck Day List-466
  • Selective look ups
  • Print or electronic transfer of report
  • Sequence your pick ups

Home Page - Schedule Drop Down
Schedule Drop Down-374
Home Page - Despatch Status Icon
Despatch Status Icon-638
Diary Notes
These are designed to help you manage recurring jobs (a job you might do every Friday), multi-load jobs (with a diminishing total to keep track of large jobs) and other scenarios where some aspects of the job is still unknown.

Better visibility, faster data entry.
Advanced Search
Our latest version incorporates full historical searching.  This feature can be used as a “live report”, as the search parameters are retained during the session, allowing your staff to work through a list of jobs like a task list.  For example, quickly and easily identify recent jobs that need pricing, as you price each one they are removed from the live search results.

Advanced Search-456-614

Advanced Search with parameters and results-265
Also introduced with the historical search is creating a new job based on an old one.  This means your dispatchers can now find old jobs easily, and then create a new job based on an old one at the click of a button.  This is fantastic when you move a product for a customer (such as cows to grazing), then a couple of weeks later you move the same product back again.
If you’re interested in seeing our Advanced Search capabilities, let us know. 
Rollover jobs
Our customers wanted to be able to easily rollover jobs from one day to the next – so we let them do it at the click of a button!  
Rollover check
Add on Features
  •  Job Dockets - ability to print Job Dockets
  • Job Dockets - AMS Interface

System Requirements
  • Transport Management Software
    • FreightMan V8.3 or higher
    • SQL Express or Full 2012 or better
  • Accounting Software
    • emPOWER Accounting Package - V5.3.22 or higher (current version (5.3.23)
    • SQL Express or Full 2012 or better
  • Windows & Office Software
    • Office 2010 or better (Word and Excel)
    • Windows 7 or better
  • Technical Specifications
    • Internet Information Server (IIS)
    • HTTPS - SSL Certificatei
    • Google Chrome
    • Internet speed on the server needs to be robust
    • For working away from the office, Internet and reliable connectivity required
    • Firewall
NOTE:   SQL 2005 is no longer support (1/4/16)

In order to make Web Freight Scheduler accessible outside your network, an SSL certificate is required; for internal access only, no SSL Certificate is required.
  • Monthly Fee based on number of users
    • Up to 3
    • Up to 5
    • Up to 10
If you require more than 10 users, please discuss pricing plans.
For more information contact the team today.
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