Container Tracking with Dashboard


Container Tracking with Dashboard
Giving you instant visibility to manage your containers.

Designed by the HHA team specifically for use with the latest version of Containers V4.0.0.16 or higher.

This standalone module of software allows you to keep a visual dashboard of progress and urgency of container movements in real time on both a PC monitor and large monitor on the wall.

Visually see:

  • various status of containers in real time
  • urgent container movements
  • progress of container movements
This visual display screen is set in real time on a large screen central in your office and/or on your own workstation/s.
Better visibility, faster data entry.
Container Tracking
The latest version of Container software allows you to:
  • Send email/text messages to your drivers
  • Use a full Service Pricing structure
  • Select Shipping Company
  • Calculate Last Free Date
Numerous other features and improved validation.
Messages to Drivers
Messages may be sent by text or email to your drivers with details of the container movement.
Pricing Structure
A full Service Pricing structure is included
  • Revenue is split to various components of the task;
    • Cart Full
    • Delivery
    • Empty Pick Up
  • Specify standard rates by container size and locations
There is an option to set Rates for each Company by Service, From and To Locations as either Unit price or by Kg (based on Nett Weight).

The value for each Container Service component will be automatically calculated, when a Rate is setup for this.
Shipping Company
Companies are setup and selected on the Shipping section with the option to enter free text for other companies.
Last Free Date Calculation
The last free date is calculated on the Container details screen using the Shipping Company settings, Port Date or Due Date and CTL first movement date.
Other Features
  • Standard jobs can be set to import to emOWER Accounting Software and automatically load to Revenue Codes that are present
  • Print MPI Form for a Containter
  • Replicate existing Container record.​

System Requirements
  • SQL or SQL express 2014
  • Windows 7 or highter
  • Microsoft Office Word 2007 (for MPI Form only)
  • Preferred SMS Provider (for Driver Messaging only)
  • For invoicing and customer validation - emPOWER Accounting Software
For a standalone version refer to your Software Consultant.
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