Payroll Consulting

Payroll Consulting
Assisting you to keep your payroll compliant!

With the many legislation changes sometimes it can be overwhelming to keep up.  Here at HHA our People & Payroll team offers a range of consulting services to assist you in keeping your payroll compliant.

Database Conversion

Moving to a new payroll system and unsure where to start?

Our team can help with converting your payroll data to your new payroll software.  We will also assist with parallel pay runs to ensure all calculations are correct before you go live.

Payroll Options

Have you got the right system for your payroll needs?

Our team are able to assist you with your questions and help recommend a payroll software that best suits your business and requirements.  Whether you need your payroll done in your office or while you are travelling we can assist.

Payroll Support

From assistance with processing your pays to balancing your control sheet...

Our team can assist with every step of your payroll requirements.

Payroll Health Checks

Ensuring you are getting the most out of your payroll!

Here at HHA Associates Limited we like to ensure you are getting the most out of the software.  With a Payroll Health Check we are able to check your payroll systems and processes.  This is very important if you have not had someone review your system for a few years or you are new to IMS Payroll Partner.  A few dollars spent on a Payroll Health Check could save you time and stress if you are not utilising the software correctly.

Contact us today to arrange a Payroll Health Check either onsite or online -

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