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MYOB|IMS Payroll is easy to use, affordable yet powerful.  It suits any business size and lets your business grow

Payroll Features to save you time and money....
01 Automatic tracking of leave - including Annual Sick, Alternative, Shift, Parental and Service Leave 02 Online IRD filing - MYOB|IMS Payroll produces the electronic files that can be filed online 03 Electronic Direct Crediting to major New Zealand banks and the ability to email or print payslips
04 Comprehensive and flexible reporting which can be printed to pdf or exported to Microsoft Excel 05 Integrates into over 60 accounting packages and with many time and attendance devices, reducing data input and errors 06 Auditing - tracks changes to the system, who made the change, when it was made and before/after details
07 Ability to cost employees to an unlimited numbered of cost centres 08 Management of employee KiwiSaver contributions 09 Pay history recorded for all employees
10 HR info, such as qualifications, pay review dates, can be recorded and reported on, alerts can be set for items against each employee 11 Standard pays can be set to reduce data entry each pay period 12 Security - different access levels can be set for each user
  • Company Controls lets you set-up unlimited payments, deductions, costing codes, pay points and company details.

  • Employee Information includes standard personnel details, payments, leave HR info, standard pays, totals and history.

  • Payroll Processing follow the nine easy steps and process your pay in no time.

Reports Include:

  • Annual Leave Valuation
  • Company Payroll Summary
  • Costing Employee detail
  • Costing Summary
  • Deduction Schedules
  • Department of Statistics
  • Employee Payroll Summary
  • Employment Service
  • IRD Reports (IR345, IR346, IR348)
  • Leave Reporting
  • Pay Slips
  • Trial Balance
  • There are also a vast number of Sundry reports to accommodate everyone.

Add On Modules:

  • Time Import
  • Timesheet Entry
  • Employee Transfer Utility
  • Back Pay
  • Gear Issue
  • Multi Company

Accounting Integration **

  • MYOB
  • emPOWER
  • Xero
** MYOB|IMS Payroll can integrate to over 60 different accounting packages.
Xero Payroll

Add Payroll to Xero to make paying your employees simple.  Staying compliant, pay your employees and file reports with Inland Revenue.  

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