Newsletter January 2019

 A Special thank you

We would like to take a moment in the busy time post Christmas and new year holidays to thank you for supporting our team.  Without you, there would be no HHA.

We are appreciative, that every day, week or month, with your help, we can fulfil our goal of providing Simple Smart Software that assists you to Work Smarter.


It is a privilege to be able to do what we love doing to ensure your software and processes are fully configured and work for you and your company.


2019 looks very exciting for us;  2018 was the year to convert to finPOWER Connect for many of our clients, culminating in the Expo 2018; 2019 is the year to expand on this to continue your journeys into software, integrations & processes.


Wishing you a fantastic and amazing 2019 that flows with ease and reassurance that you have a great team behind you.


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For phone assistance please phone 03 693 1121 and select your option, leave a message and one of our team members will be in touch.