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The Benefits of having a Project Leader

We have worked with many companies over the years, helping with the implementation of change. Change is required to meet the market and to accommodate legislation changes.

We have found that the most important thing you need to have is a project manager. Someone with the time, energy and skills to run the project whether it is big or small.

The same project manager must be available for the duration of the project and to monitor the steps and execution to its end.  The project manager must have the authority to call on resources from all parts of the organisation, both senior and junior.

The project manager calls meetings, catch-ups, reviews as agreed by all parties.

Larger projects can be broken into stages, so that you can achieve goals and time frames. Software can be used to manage and monitor projects.

The project manager manages communication between all parties. This ensures that misunderstandings are prevented and the project is kept on track.

Leading a project towards success requires its manager to inspire  team members to get the required work done 
efficiently and effectively.  It requires a person with clear vision, clarity in reasoning, time management and the ability to attract a talented and efficient team.

The project manager is the person who has the overall responsibility for the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure of a project.
The key ingredients to success are to:
  1. Clearly define the scope of your project
  2. Carefully select the members of your team
  3. Outline your goals and keep them SMART*
  4. Manage your data
  5. Monitor progress daily/weekly with all participants in attendance
  6. Maintain motivation in your team
  7. Manage your resources wisely and prudently.
Celebrate your successes, but remember, that computer software is only a tool. We are providing you with a mechanism to get your job done. If you wish to achieve your company's goals, you need to put the right resource in place for the job.

*Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely
    AMS Tips

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Logistics in the news

Watch this space for upcoming developments in the Logistics efficiency improvement arena...

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    Finance Team Update

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FinPOWER Connect 3.02

It is important to update to obtain the new features;
These changes are needed for implementation of Credit legislation Acts effective 1 October, 2019.
The changes are in the September 2019 newsletter;
Credit Reporting Privacy Code Amendments

Another change is to the Account Processes that are run on a daily basis.
For more information.

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The roll out of a database upgrade is a significant project for the team at HHA and we will be charging a levy to each site separate to the installation costs of this new version.
HHA Software Support Contracts do not include finPOWER Connect database upgrades.
The levy will be $75 plus GST. 
Current versions are;
finPOWER Connect Version 3.02.02
finPOWER Connect Cloud Version 3.02.03
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    Office 64Bit notes
MSOffice Logo-874Office apps
New PC? Installing Office 365/2016 or 2019?
If you want to use emPOWER, FinPOWER or other applications that integrate with Office; you need to install the 32 bit version of MSOffice on 64-bit machines.
This article gives more information.

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    HR Legislation 2019
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Changes to HR Legislation
Rest and Meal Breaks
Employees are now legally entitled to rest and meal breaks which come attached with provisionsRestandMealBreaks relating to timing and duration.
Fatigue Management
While the objective of the new legislation is to ensure that employees take sufficient breaks, it is also good for business owners to understand the necessity for these criteria as well.
Some causes of Fatigue in the workplace:
  • Prolonged intense physical or mental activity
  • Disruption of the internal body clock
  • Excessive travel
  • Working in extreme temperatures (hot or cold)
  • Organisational changes
  • Scheduling
  • Long Shifts
  • Lack of recovery times between shifts
  • Strenuous labour
  • Long commutes

Fatigue may be work-related, or it may be related to one’s personal life – or it could be a combination of the two. It can also be accumulated over time or be a short-term problem.
Fatigue does not just impact the physical and mental health of your employees; it also impacts the health and safety of everyone else in the business. Also, depending on the particular job and responsibilities of the employee, fatigue can put the public at risk. Fatigue causes a lack of focus, slower reaction times to both situations and signals. It also affects an employee’s ability to make sound decisions. This can increase the risk of injuries, incidents, and accidents happening at work. We all play a part in ensuring a safe workplace, and while we commonly think of manual handling and hazards as the most common safety risks we need to address, fatigue is also an important factor to consider.

While you can’t manage the aspects of an employee’s personal life that could be contributing to their fatigue, there are things you can do in the workplace to manage the risk and impacts of fatigue.
Limited 90-day trial periods
If your business has 20 or more employees, you are no longer eligible for 90- day trial periods for employees.

Probationary periods allow for increased scrutiny and management of new hires and can allow you to undertake quicker action against poor-performing new employees. The key difference between 90-day trials and probationary periods is that you have to respect the due process and communicate sound justification for dismissal. Employees are still allowed to raise a personal grievance based on the dismissal during the probationary period if they think it was unfair. Note: Business owners who are still eligible to use 90-day trials will also be required to include it as a clause in their employees’ employment agreements.
Domestic Violence Leave
Additional entitlement and protection for employees affected by domestic violence including eligibility for 10 days paid leave per year, and short-term flexible working arrangements.

Domestic violence is a sensitive matter, so it’s imperative that you exercise a degree of discretion and empathy. It is important to understand that your employee is dealing with an entire spectrum of complex emotions and experiences; and you should not impose your judgement on their experience or offer unsolicited advice.
The Domestic Violence – Victims’ Protection Act has added new workplace protections for employees who have been impacted by domestic violence. This may include anything from up to two months of short-term flexible working arrangements, 10 days paid leave (separate from annual, sick, or bereavement leave), to anti-discrimination safeguards. Flexible working arrangements can include: 
  • a change or complete redaction of contact information from company materials due to the privacy 
  • implications attached to stored employee details
  • a change of duties to accommodate for the circumstances
  • work relocation
Collective agreement & collective bargaining
Changes in the Employment Relations Amendment Bill empower unions in the collective bargaining process. It also outlines the entitlements of prospective employees to employers. This means Unions now have increased power to advocate for employee rights, and in some cases, to compel more change.
Union Powers increased
Union representatives now have the right to enter workplaces without the prior consent of the employer if their business satisfies certain criteria.

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