HHA News - November 2019

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How about this for a new tool!

Tired of typing the same SMS message?

You will want this…….
  • Txtstream or TNZ
  • Auto message logging
  • Quick SMS Messages!  Pre-populated text!
HHA finPOWER Connect Custom Communication -  CCC Module
Check out the response below – preformatted text messages that are at your finger tips!
The message even has a selection of bookmarks so you do not need to check the name spelling.
With the new HHA CCC Module you can finally have advanced SMS Text Message features.
This drop-in customisation offers “quick messages” both globally and per user.  No longer do you have to type out commonly sent SMS messages but select them from the pre-populated responses.
With our basic or standard modules you send messages by the built in TXTStream system. 
Our advanced module allows the use of an external SMS provider which provides message replies directly to Connect including logging.  The Module works with Client, Account and Account Applications as well as stand alone messages from the ‘My Shortcuts’ bar. 
The standard and advanced module include spell-checking.

CCC Module

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    AMS Tips

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Integration to Accounting Packages
We have been working on several integrations recently, between Freight software and accounting packages including emPOWER and Xero.
These do include, Market2x, My Trucking and ICOS. 
We also have several clients using direct feeds from software that has API’s – (Application Program Interface).
Along with utilizing your scanner for POD’s, pdf files for supplier invoices etc. You have many options to improve connectivity for your software and suppliers.

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    Office 64Bit notes

MSOffice Logo-874Office apps
New PC? Installing Office 365/2016 or 2019
If you are using emPOWER, FinPOWER or other applications that integrate with Office; you need to install the 32 bit version of MSOffice on 64-bit machines. This article gives more information.                                  

                                                                                                                               btn more 
Microsoft Office 365 – Access Upgrade  

We have been experiencing an error on some Microsoft Access 365(2016) sites when running reports/macros in Access.

Should you encounter an error:

Run-Time Error 3340
Query xxxxxx  is corrupt.

Please contact our help desk with the details and we can assist.

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    V 6.42 Released 2019
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New version of IMS Payroll now available
Version 6.42 of IMS Payroll is now available. All Administrators should have received a link via email to download this latest version.

It contains the following:
+ Simplified registration process
+ Reporting updates to retain pay points selections and print historical payslips
+ Added system checks for Annual Leave payments for terminated employees
+ Resolved issues
For full release notes on v6.42, please click here. We strongly recommended you install the update at your earliest convenience.
IMS Payroll Education Centre
Version 6.42 provides easier access to IMS Support documentation by way of its online MYOB IMS Payroll Education Centre, making it easier and quicker for you to find the help information you are looking for. 

You can also open the Education Centre from within the payroll system by selecting Online Support from the Help Menu.
Important: Windows 7 OS End of Life
As of 14 January 2020, Microsoft will no longer be supporting Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. Therefore, as of this release, these operating systems no longer meet our minimum systems requirements.

Older versions of MYOB IMS Payroll software will continue to work on these operating systems, however we will not be able to support them with feature enhancements, compliance changes, or updates for any defects or security vulnerabilities moving forward. 

Please note – It is important to keep your software upgraded to ensure any compliance updates are available, you have full access to any processing improvements, and you do not fall behind for support. 

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