HHA News - March 2022

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Protecting Your Information is Just as Important as Wearing a Mask!


Who would have thought that KN95 was the catch phrase for 2022 (It's not even IT jargon). A mask is important to protect you and others against the virus, where your system security is your mask to protect your business.

WE encourage you to look at your online business security and IT structure - clearly it's not a MANDATE

Now more than ever the ability to transact your business anywhere - anytime is paramount in the current Covid climate.

Online Hosting

This is where online hosting provides you with an environment, for your business applications hosted on a windows server which is accessible from anywhere. This environment is accessed from any device that you can run remote desktop software from, like a PC or laptop or even an IPad or macbook.  All you need is internet access and a device to connect from.

The environment contains your normal everyday business apps like finPOWER Connect, emPOWER, Freightman, other applications and any associated Microsoft products typically required (Word, Outlook, Excel).

What are the Advantages?

There is no need to maintain the server, hardware and software that the hosted environment is on, no capital outlay, automated data backups and up to date antivirus security. Your printing is any networkable printer. Secure access from anywhere, quick and easy support in a familiar environment.  An environment that is scalable to meet your requirements with regular monthly costs that are predictable.

Everyone’s requirements are a little different so contact us to see how hosted solutions may be right for you.
For more information either email
 support@hhassociates.co.nz or call 03 693 1121 ext 4


CCCFA Act - 1 December 2021 is Now Legislation

The new CCCFA Act and Regulations that commenced 1 December 2021, means you should be ensuring you are compliant with these latest changes. This new legislation focuses on customer affordability and the Commerce Commission has provided some very beneficial information -  Assessing for suitability and affordability under new credit laws

finPOWER Connect software has been enhanced to assist with the compliance of the Financial Mentoring Service, so if you haven’t spoken to a consultant at HHA about how we can help, please get in touchThere is a new version 3.04.03 that has just been released.     

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2022 will present increased pressure on available income due to growing inflation along with incomes not necessarily increasing at the same rate. This could pose challenges for some customers. Then throw in the challenges of Covid-19, sickness, unemployment and business downturn.

If you are unsure - check out the information on the CCCFA Act and Regulations and/or speak to your professional advisor to ensure you are covered.

Credit Contracts Legislation Amendment Act 2019 - Section 26B

Credit Contracts Legislation Amendment Act 2019 - Section 5A
Credit Contract and Consumer Finance Amendment Regulations 2020 - Regulations 5A Amended


Mortgage Rates Set to Rise Further as RBNZ Lifts Cash Rate

The Idea That First Home Buyers Have been Disproportionately Affected by the CCCFA Changes Appears to be Unfounded



It is important for finance companies to align to mentors and ensure that any new accounts opened are affordable to the prospective account holder. 

Money Talks provides free and confidential budgeting and financial capability advice.

This service is independent and is funded by the Ministry of Social Development.
Freephone 0800 345 123, text: 4029, email
website www.moneytalks.co.nz   

What is Financial Mentoring?


More information


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Business at Red

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The team at HHA are working within the current system restrictions. Our offices remain open. If you make an appointment to come to site a vaccine pass will be required. We are committed to ensuring we offer the best service to our customers throughout these uncertain times. 

Click here for our full Covid- 19 Testing, Vaccination and Travel Policy.