HHA News - June 2019

Brisbane finPOWER is where we’ve been!!

In late May we travelled to Brisbane to meet up with the development team at finPOWER.   There has been some amazing developments coming from this team; web sites, a cell phone application and you will have also seen the client portal.
Other offerings include hosted solutions for your database and users.
Our mission was to view the new app for finPOWER Connect on your cell phone; Wow!    And ever since that visit, we have been working on setting this up so that your web site is totally autonomous to the client.
There are also now offerings of hosted solutions, finPOWER Connect Applications for your phone.
Please do not hesitate to contact us on these great features; 
helen@hhaassociates.co.nz   phone   03 6931121 
Just on a humorous note, Bill was totally amazed that we could have Mike in Dunedin 
watching the same demonstration and we could talk to him over a large screen on the wall!  And see the app on his phone!
Our trip also coincided with the Brisbane truck show – if you were worried about 50 ton trucks on the road, there was some beauties here – they were strategically placed in shopping malls and the South bank strip to view while you were dining. 

Screenshot SliderNewLoan-283-890              IMG 2164FPC-124-557                  Screenshot OpenLoan-289-961
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HHA Servers to be upgraded
stoppressOn 21 June HHA Associates are upgrading their network servers.

Limited support will be available between the hours of 8.00am and 5.00pm.

We apologise for any delays or inconvenience you experience during this time.
Please continue to phone the numbers below, as email responses may be delayed.

Office Phone:                             03 693 1121
Emergency contact number: +64 27 432 0981

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DIY Mobile Forms

 Easily convert paper process to mobile processesswissAknife-842
  • One app – many forms
  • Faster data capture and improved data integrity
  • Device neutral (works with both Android and Apple)
  • Offline access
Do you have field staff that are still filling in paper forms?  Are you still having expensive triplicate and duplicate form books printed?  Do you rely on staff to return these paper forms to the office before you can make business decisions?  AMS makes it easy to convert those paper forms to digital forms.  AMS is extremely versatile and scalable – from small business to large business, it has been used in the in the logistics sector, construction and engineering and in agribusiness.  Many processes can be mobilised without coding; yet there is also an API available, for advanced integration options.
We like to think of AMS as the Swiss army knife of the mobile world – yes, you could have one mobile app for health and safety, another app for timesheets, and yet another one for your delivery dockets or service sheets; but how about something that does all of the above?  Why not take a strategic look at your processes, to identify other paper forms that can be replaced by digital ones?
Mix of iPhones and Samsung devices?  No problem, AMS is device neutral, and will work on both Apple and Android mobile devices.
Patchy network coverage?  No problem, AMS deals with moving in and out of coverage.  Data is held on the device until service becomes available.
AMS Map-693
If you’re looking for a smarter way to collect your business data in the field why not give us a call?

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New Centrix Scorecard
Centrix (NZ) have begun releasing their next generation of Scorecards

There are 2 new Scorecards called "CentrixGen2" and "CentrixGen2Neg".
  • The CentrixGen2 Score uses both CCR data and historical negative credit data to generate a score and, importantly, it is a score out of 1000, not the 1500 they have used previously.
  • The  CentrixGen2Neg Score will be delivered to Centrix clients that are not enrolled in the CCR program as it only uses negative credit data to generate a score, and is also a score out of 1000.
The major visible change is that the score is out of 1000 as opposed to 1500. Changes to handle this are in version finPOWER Connect v3.01.11. Please check your version and contact us to upgrade.

Note: Centrix will be contacting clients to assist with the migration but you must be on version 3.01.11 or later. If you are not you will see incorrect score data - and 800/1500 is a bit different to 800/1000!!
To check your finPOWER Connect version:  Client Help / About finPOWER Connect
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Item of Interest – further credit contracts legislation amendments proposed for early 2020 
Bill 86627 is being sent to select committee. It potentially affects the total cost of lending and proposes shifting responsibility from Borrower to Lender. The 40 page draft bill is here.
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Follow its passage here:

Be vigilant!                           
 Do your Contract Terms and Conditions explain your structure process correctly.
 Why not review them today with your lawyer for peace of mind.
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Vodafone emails are ending

If you use any of these email providers, you will have to change your provider to continue vodafonesymbolreceiving emails.
Vodafone emails closing-291-582

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MYOB IMSPayroll logo RGB-824

Payroll Payday  IRD filing – employee information

When you upload the employee information file – which records employees, start and finish date, address, IRD number etc.  We have had several instances recently where the file has rejected: This is a fact sheet on how to resolve this issue.
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