HHA News - Payroll Update February 2019

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Pay Day Filing 
Get ahead and start now!
If you would like to start from your first March Pay run
you need to sign up with the IRD by 
Thursday 28th February 2019
or it will be too late!
Payday filing can only start on the 1st of the month. If you miss the February deadline you wont be able to start pay day filing until the 1st of April .
Signing up early will not affect how you file your February monthly returns via iR filing
Pay Day Filing becomes compulsory from 1 April 2019.
This means, that every time you prepare your wages, you file the PAYE return with the IRD. 

The owner of your IRD account will need to “opt in” to pay day filing. Do you have authority to do this??

Sometimes the person filing the PAYE returns does not have the authority level on the IRD account to make these changes.
It may be the Accountant or the General Manager.

Please see our (read more) fact sheet below for further information.
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– You must be on IMS 6.32 to be able start pay day filing! 
Click on the Help tab at the top of your MYOB IMS payroll screen as below.

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Select ‘ about MYOB IMS payroll’ and confirm which version you are on.

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February Handy Hint

The ‘Days Worked’ input area of Timesheet Entry is setup to enable the recording of ‘Days Paid for’ which will be used as the divisor in the Average Daily Pay calculation.
The Average Daily Pay ‘Days Paid for’ days is to include the total days being paid for in that pay period. Eg:  If an employee worked 5 normal days a week (Monday to Friday) then half day Saturday, the Holiday Rate related days would be 5 but the Average Daily Pay related
days would be 6 for that pay period. The ADP days will always default to that of the Holiday Rate days. 
Override the default Average Daily Pay ‘Days Paid for’ to record any additional whole days worked in addition to the employees normal Ordinary time work pattern.  Standard Hours are those hours as calculated and displayed on the Employees Payment tab (ie: Hours in Period divided by Hours in Day).
Holiday and/or Average Daily Pay days, which have been overwritten, will be displayed in red.dayspaid
If you have any queries please contact us on 03 693 1121 or via email to payroll@hhaassociates.co.nz