HHA News - May 2022

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finPOWER Connect is Intersoft Systems Ltd propriety software product and they have released their road map to 2025.
This will comprise two major versions;
  • finPOWER Connect 4 – focusing on finPOWER Connect Cloud; to be released in 2022/2023
  • finPOWER Connect 5 – will focus on shifting technologies to .NET; to be released in 2024
As always compatibility & integrity with your finPOWER Connect database is the goal.

To this end, the road map does contain some software cleansing both for customisations and internal code and processes.  
Software evolves and with major data migrations, legislation changes and your requests and needs there is always an opportunity to review your functionality and processes.

This process has started already in finPOWER Connect 3.4; and as a dealer for Intersoft Systems Ltd product we have been supplied with a toolkit to check old code and settings. 

As we roll out the next version of finPOWER 3.4.4 we will be working with you to review and plan for changes to these items.  This will be an on-going exercise.  

Version 3 & 4 will have the same database structure so you can interchange, which is great for trialling only.
There is no immediate need to move to the web, it will take time to transition.
As always legislative changes will always be provided but may only be included in later versions of finPOWER Connect.
Please call us on 03 693 1121 ext 3 if you have any concerns, we are here to help.
You have a very strong, functional product in finPOWER Connect and it will hold you in good stead.
Minor Upgrade: From 3.4.3 to 3.4.4  
Database Upgrade: From 3.3.4 to 3.4.3  
Major Upgrade: From 4.0.0 or 5.0.0  


Here at HHA the team have been fielding queries from some of our valued clients about e-invoicing and whether this is an option. We are working alongside Intersoft to understand the demand for this integration.

Does your business perhaps generate regular invoices or schedules for rentals, fees or charges etc? 

What is e-Invoicing we you ask. 


what-is-eInvoicing-feature-update  FillWzQ0MCwyNDBd

Image source: einvoicing.govt.nz

The einvoicing.govt.nz website has a good source of information. To read the recent newsletter that explains what
e-Invoicing is and the benefits click here 

Please contact us if this is something you would like to investigate for your business on 03 693 1121 ext 3 or email support@hhaassociates.co.nz.




Business adaptability is essential. Being able to deliver a message to your clients or offer a product, service or financing opportunity is key. The ability to communicate directly with your existing clients instead of spending copious amounts of money on advertising is an advantage. Along with not getting you message delivered straight to the SPAM box is very important.
The HHA Bulk Mailer is an option, easy to use and it is driven by you.
  • You can enter your own subject lineHHA Bulk Email-377
  • You can write the text of your email
  • You can attach a document
  • You can use Bookmarks – eg. The recipients company name
  • You can select who are want to email to
  • You can see who the email will go to
  • You can edit the list before emailing
  • You will be provided with a file of all those emailed to
  • You will be provided with an exception report of those that do not have email addresses
But You will need a hand to setup your email address with your logo!

Below are links to the Fact Sheets for the “Installation Guide” and the “User Guide”.

HHA Bulk Mailer User Guide
Call the team today on 03 693 1121 ext 3 to discuss the advantages and how you can get this set up of send an email to support@hhaassociates.co.nz

You and your team will have been busy getting all your end of financial year processing completed. It is surprising how long it takes to make sure everything is coded correctly and all adjustments made in the correct financial year. 

Below are the links to the fact sheets for closing off finPOWER, finPOWER Connect and emPOWER.

If you have any queries we are always here to help assist you and your team. Either email support@hhaassociates.co.nz or phone 03 693 1121 ext: 3



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finPOWER Year End Processing
  finPOWER Connect Year End Processing 

              emPOWER Year End Processing

Just a reminder, we sent out our revised "Terms of Business" recently. Could you please take the time to initial, date and return these to accounts@hhaassociates.co.nz.

These can be signed electronically on the pdf. No need to print. Give it a go or give us a call on 03 693 1121 ext 2 and we can walk you through it.