Payroll Update 2017

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Payroll Health Check
MYOB IMSPayroll logo RGB-869Have you booked yours?
Our Payroll Health Checks are conducted either onsite or online.
What is a Payroll Health Check?
A Payroll Health Check looks at your payroll data;
  • Company Controls
    • Costings
    • Payments
    • Deductions
  • Employee Controls
    • Payments
    • Leave Types
    • History
  • PBook Today Payroll Health Checkayroll Processing
    • Time Sheets
    • Reports
    • IR Filing
    • Payslips
    • Auditing
We also review what your current and future payroll needs are;
  • do you want flexibility to go online?
  • do you need time and attendance?
  • are you exporting to your accounting system?
  • are you wanting to outsource your payroll processing?
If you would like a Payroll Health Check contact the Payroll Team today and book in.

MYOB|IMS Payroll
MYOB IMSPayroll logo RGB-869Software Downloads
We are expecting a release in November 2017 and you need to check that you have procedures in place;
  • Does HHA and IMS have your correct email address?
    • Remember all updates are via the registered email address with IMS Limited
  • When you down load an upgrade have you saved this to your PC/Server?
    • Not only do you need to upgrade your software, but it is important to save a copy onto your PC/Server as the download link will expire.  You will also need it for any other PCs in your network or for new PCs in the future.
  • What is your procedure when you upgrade your PC/Server?
    • Do you know where your payroll software is kept if you need to update your PC/Server due a crash or timely upgrade?
We can help-680Suggested file structure: IMS Upgrades\IMS 6.20 and for those with Time import this is a separate download to the payroll software so you will need a file structure along the same lines.  

It is always a good policy to have two PCs in your network set up with payroll.

Remember you can contact the Payroll Team to assist. 
Payroll Update
NZPPA-logo-621-942NZPPA - Annual Payroll Leaders' Summit 2017
Rebecca will be attending the Payroll Leaders' Summit run by NZPPA on the 24th August 2017.

The guest speakers include:
  • Chris Mar - Payroll Operating Procedures
  • Simon Gallagher - Transformation through NextGen Payroll solutions
  • D Robin Mann - Benchmarking for Best Practices in Payroll Systems & Best Practices in Payroll Workshop
  • Colleen Kautai & Jonathan Clifford - How Inland Revenue's business transformation will help to drive best practice
  • Justin Ryan - The three Ps for payroll success
  • David Jenkins - Critical checks to ensure compliance with the Holidays Act 2003
In our next newsletter we will be able to share with you some of the resources that Rebecca will come away with.

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employment-nz-logoEmployment New Zealand
Have you been on the Employment New Zealand website?

There are some great tools and resources all to help keep you and your employees compliant. The above a just a snippet of what is available, there are also some great flowcharts.
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