May 2016

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finPOWER Connect - Project PPSR
MBIE have announced a new PPSR technological release
Intersoft Systems Limited the writer of finPOWER and finPOWER Connect, have advised that only finPOWER Connect software will be upgraded to include this technology.

HHA Associates Limited have launched a new Project to work with clients to get ready for this change;
  • finPOWER 5 users - over the next few weeks we will be in touch to discuss your software upgrade options.
  • finPOWER Connect users - we will keep in touch to upgrade your software as new releases come available.
If you are ready to convert from finPOWER 5 to finPOWER Connect contact Jenny to get your conversion project under way.


finPOWER Connect Logo-558-429
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Transport Logistics
Web Freight Scheduler
HHA have developed a web front end for our FreightMan software - the fabulous new browser-based interface is linked to your FreightMan system behind the scenes and has access to the full rating schedules.
  • You can now work away from the office, anytime as long as you have a reliable internet connection.  
  • Now your truck scheduling, loading new consignment / jobs and tracking the progress of your jobs are at your finger tips.
But there is you can select from multiple customer addresses and track the progress with the emoji.  happy-572

A fantastic new Truck Day Sheet is inclusive in the software.
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Since the release of Web Freight Scheduler the team have been working on several enhancements.

Want to see it in action contact the team today!

P: 03 693 1121 option 4


Payroll News
Annual Leave Entitlement Update
From time to time you may choose to change the hours in which your staff member works, whether a decrease at the staff members choice or an increase due to a heavier workload. When these changes happen it is not just the hours of work that may be affected but the entitlements for annual leave.

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em-83How current is your data?
Are your clients details up to date?
Did you know you can load multiple customer addresses to emPOWER - this provides you with multiple addresses for dispatching to various farms, yards etc.  Also, lots of phones, emails and contact details can be loaded to give your FreightMan and Web Freight Scheduler database some power.  

This helps with invoices and statements been emailed as posting is just not a viable option any more! 

Databases over time, in the Canterbury area have taken a beating, your clients have moved, they have refocused, they are expanding or consolidating and getting on with business. You need to capture your client information and update your records.


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