March 2018

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Yes it is Looming!

We are coming into the busy season for those with an financial year end 31 March 2018.

How are we helping you to make life easier?
  • End of year procedure notes will be out in the next few weeks for;
    • MYOB|IMS Payroll
    • finPOWER
    • finPOWER Connect
    • emPOWER
  • MYOB|IMS Payroll new release will be emailed mid March 2018 - make sure you have updated your email address to receive the link.
    • Those with the Time Import module the link you receive will have this module included.
Help Desk(copy)Contact the Support team today for assistance online/onsite
Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm 
refer here for the support contact details.
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New rPPSR Goes Live 2 July 2018

17 weeks to go!
We are well underway with more finPOWER to finPOWER Connect conversions this year, but there are still a number of you that have not committed to converting to finPOWER Connect.

From 2 July 2018 the new rPPSR electronic registration will go live.  This move is being driven by the Ministry of Business Innovation and Enterprise (MBIE) and is designed to replace the reliable but aging platform.

For those still on finPOWER with the PPSR G2B Module, unfortunately Intersoft Systems Limited will not be modifying this software to the new PPSR.  finPOWER Connect is being enhanced to cater for the new PPSR.
What happens if you don't upgrade to finPOWER Connect? 
You will lose the ability from 2 July 2018 to directly interface to the PPSR from within finPOWER.  This means you will have to enter Financing Statements via the PPSR website manually.
RealMe-73Have you got your RealMe account ready to go?
MBIE will migrate current active PPSR customer organisation accounts, along wit the users, user IDs and passwords into the new register.  All active users will be migrated as 'pending' users in the new register.  Every user within your organisation will need to retrieve their individual user account.  Here is a step-by-step process that explains how you will be able to activate your migrated user account and link it to your RealMe login and your API subscription;
  1. After MBIE migrates the users, you access the new production PPSR web application (timing to be confirmed)
  2. Choose to login with RealMe - social media logins will not have the ability to retrieve migrated user accounts
  3. Create a new RealMe or login with your existing RealMe login
  4. After you select "I am an existing PPSR user" option, you will be prompted to provide your old PPSR nine digit user ID and password.  This is a one off activity.
  5. The register will now convert your user ID and password to your RealMe login and next time you will login with your RealMe login, the register will take you directly to your organisation's dashboard.
Note:  Only one RealMe login may be associated with one PPSR user account.  When the PPSR web application detects a RealMe login that is not yet associated with a PPSR user, it will offer you three options;
  1. create a new PPSR account (select "I don't have an activation code")
  2. join an existing newly created PPSR organisation, after an admin user invites you (select "I have an activation code") or retrieve your migrated PPSR user account (select "I am an existing PPSR user")
To upgrade to finPOWER Connect contact Jenny today to have your database conversion booked don't leave in to the last minute!

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AMS has done it again
AMS what is it and how does it work?
AMS is mobile software for transforming how your business captures and transfers information using mobile devices like tablets and smart phones.  HHA have been working with and installed this system in conjunction with our Web Freight Scheduler to allow drivers to work in real time with job dockets.  This application can be used for many different documentations through out your company.  This is what we have done for one transport company with the introduction of AMS:  Rural Transport Limited

Next month we will go through how we assisted one of our manufacturing companies and implemented AMS into their business.

The great thing about AMS is unlike other standalone apps, AMS provides users a comprehensive, long-term approach to improving their company's mobility, resulting in dramatic efficiency gains.
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Payroll - End of Year
MYIR-578From 1 April 2018 - IR Filing is being replaced with myIR 
There has been considerable discussion / interest in the IRD Pay Day filing, unfortunately this is not law yet. 
We can notify, that if you are posting paper returns, this option will no longer be available after the 31/3/18 return. 

If you wish to create a paper return for the month of March 2018, please produce this before installing v6.30
The software will not generate the appropriate forms for manual filing (ie with the bar code attached).  At this time you will need to setup your RealMe account in;
As a tip, for the future, we recommend that if you do not already close off your pay runs as soon as you have generated the reports, bank file and backup, that you start to do this asap.
  • MYOB|IMS Version 6.30 will be available about mid March 2018 - check your emailsBook Today Payroll Health Check-122-190
  • Procedure notes will be available once supplied from MYOB|IMS and they will be on our Website
  • Our team will be available for support calls from 8am - 5pm Monday to Friday and other times by arrangement
  • We can come on site or remotely connect and assist you with your EOY process

Q: Will my Time Import automatically be included in the Upgrade?
A: Yes
If you use the Time Import Module this will be included in the Upgrade email link automatically.

A timely reminder that where you can to ensure two PCs are set up with MYOB|IMS Payroll this is a great help if one PC fails.
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Payroll Health Check
Have you booked yours?
Our Payroll Health Checks are conducted onsite or online.
What involves a Payroll Health Check?
Payroll Health Check looks at your payroll data across the following tabs;
Company Controls
Employee Controls
Payroll Processing
Time Sheets
Leave Types
IR Filing
Book Today Payroll Health Check-122-190We also review your current and future payroll needs are;
  • do you have a back up process in place?
  • are you uploading your bank file electronically?
  • are you exporting to your general ledger?
  • do you need to integrate to other software systems from your payroll?
  • do you want flexibility to go online?
  • do you need time and attendance?
  • are you exporting to your accounting system?
  • are you wanting to outsource your payroll processing?
  • ​do you need a hand to process your payroll while you take a holiday?
If you would like a Payroll Health Check contact the Payroll Team today.

HHA Associates Limited and it's employee are working in an advisory capacity only and therefore should any dispute, either verbal or written, arise between an employer and employee, legal advice must be sought.

Compliance-450Keeping you Compliant

To keep you in the loop of all things legislation here a few things happening:
  • Paying Annual Holiday Entitlement - How many times does this need to be said?  Read what NZPPA had to say here
  • Minimum wage rises by 75c on 1 April 2018 - the minimum wage is going up from $15.75 to $16.50 per hour.  Here is what you will need to know for your business.  Read more here
  • REALME - You can use RealMe service to get things done with lots of New Zealand businesses and government departments.



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