March 2017


stress freeSystem Upgrades

  • Outgrown your current Server?

  • Is worrying about if it will keep going, keeping you awake at night?

  • Are you considering moving to a hosted solution or even the cloud?

In the midst of all these considerations; remember we are here to help.  Our team can assist in migrating your data and ensuring that all your processes continue to run smoothly.

Recently we have had a couple of situations where a simple migration assumed nightmare proportions when we were called on the morning after the migration to untangle the result.  Don't let this be you.  Let us know from as early as possible in your project and we are happy to provide support, advice and inspiration.

And if you haven't found the perfect hosting partner, we can give you some ideas around that too. 

For assistance contact our Help Desk
P:  03 693 1121 option 1

HHA Help Desk

HHA prides itself on providing the best possible support to our clients with a highly skilled team.
We support all the software products that we sell and install.  Support is provided by onsite visits, remote access and over the phone.

Help Desk-511-310All software support calls are to be directed to:

Phone 03 693 1121:

  • Option 1 - Accounting & Logistics Software Support
  • Option 2 - Payroll Software Support
  • Option 3 - Finance Software Support
  • Option 4 - General Enquiries & Accounts

Business Hours:  8am - 5pm Monday - Friday

Where required calls are directed to our support team mobiles, please do not text as these may not be answered.

Urgent after hours support calls
After hours, and during holidays and on weekends where you require business critical assistance please phone 03 693 1121 and make the appropriate selection, and you will be automatically transferred to a mobile.

HHA - Lending and Investment-15
must have-754Digital Signature
Available for finPOWER & finPOWER Connect
Secured signing continues to develop its digital signature and workflow platform with their Summer 2017 release, the largest ever package of new capabilities and enhancements, providing customers with an unmatched breadth and depth of capability for online signing.
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finPOWER Connect Cloud
This is a browser-based version of finPOWER Connect that operates in conjunction with the finPOWER Connect Web Services.
binoc-145Key Features include:
  • Access to finPOWER Connect data from any modern Web browser
    • Very secure restricted access to your client database for external Agents/Dealers
  • Optimised for both Mobile and Desktop
  • Quick searching of data (Clients, Accounts, Securities etc)
  • Key functionality:
    • View Clients Accounts, Account Applications, Securities and Workflows
    • Full information as per the Windows version of finPOWER Connect
    • Including Credit Enquiries, Bank Account Enquiries and other information
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Updte-176Project rPPSR
Update on rPPSR
We have been advised that MBIE is in charge of the project to replace the PPSR (rPPSR) and they have announced the appointment of the Vendor that will assist in the design and build phase of the rPPSR.  In a recent release, the MBIE advised that some of the changes the rPPSR will encompass:
New PPSR APIs (or G2B web services) will be significantly different to the current versions and will add PPSR services currently available only on the website.
New PPSR website - improve usability and keep it nice and simple

New API (or G2B) - authentication model - no need to download and install G2B certificates each year

New user authentication model - you will need RealMe® to use the PPSR website and to set up your API access.
What does this mean of you?

The rPPSR has a provisional Go Live date of January 2018 meaning anyone wanting to work with the rPPSR will have to:

  • btn moreMigrate off the older version of finPOWER, and
  • Be on the latest version of finPOWER Connect
If you have not contacted us to discuss migrating from finPOWER to finPOWER Connect then this should now become a top priority.


WebFreight Sarah and GC-768-880Transport Management
Web Freight Scheduler gets smarter
  • Taking FreightMan out to your vehicles & drivers

  • Ability to communicate from the office / home out to your trucks devices

  • Using the latest technology to communicate

Meet the team behind the latest development in Web Freight Scheduler; Giancarlo our Senior Programmer and Sarah our Business Analyst.  They have been tasked with having the ability to communication from your office / home out to vehicles to their smart devices.  In this instance they are testing out to a Samsung tablet.

Our software uses the latest AMS technology to communicate between where the software is located out to devices:

Interested in seeing how this all works email Sarah today to book a demonstration:

P:  03 693 1121 option 4



Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce  


New Zealand Payroll Practitioners Association

Geraldine District Promotions Association Inc



Christchurch office

Phone: 03 693 1121

Unit 14, 40 Hayton Road
Christchurch 8042


Geraldine office

Phone: 03 693 1121

Four Peaks Plaza
72h Talbot Street
Geraldine 7930