MYOB IMS Payroll – Holidays Act Product Compliance Update

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MYOB IMS Payroll – Holidays Act Product Compliance Update
MYOB IMS have notified us of a significant upgrade to the MYOB IMS Payroll software. This major upgrade of the software (and indeed all of the MYOB Payroll products) is after a thorough review relating to compliance with the Holiday Pay Act 2003.

The changes are both thorough and thought provoking interpretations of the Holidays Act 2003.

This release is expected to be emailed to you in July 2020.
Predominantly, these relate to the calculation of leave rates or entitlements for employees who have varied hours and pay (for full-time, part time and casuals) and the treatment of changes to work and leave patterns (days or hours changes). 

As this is a significant upgrade, the team at HHA are happy to assist you to install the software in your business, but we do recommend that you use the MYOB IMS Holidays Act Hub web site and the email address below. 

As with any upgrade where data needs to be reviewed, it does take time. It is important that you do take time and schedule a time to work with the team at MYOB IMS to work through your settings and employees.  
MYOB Holidays Act Hub

Inside the hub is a number of documents that explain carefully the logistics of the changes, do take a moment to read through these, here is a couple of examples;
To give you an idea of the software modifications this document explains a small change that you may wish to take up;
If your company has a company wide close down, there is a great new feature to assist with calculations of employees pay if they have started during the year;
And a tip for paying parental leave that you can do now.
And in the next release there is a helpful reminder when you are terminating employees;  to remind you to pay out any public holidays that may be due.
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For support with this software and your compliance the email address is;

Holidays Act 2003
Please ensure that when you email MYOB IMS, you supply your client number from the software;
Help & about.
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Important Next Steps
  1. Review records for up to the last 6 years to check that entitlements stored in days/hours have been recalculated for employees whose work patterns have changed.
  2. Check work pattern changes are documented in employment agreements.
  3. Review and confirm employee's current leave balances and entitlements.
  4. Review your internal process for managing ongoing changes in work patterns.
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Or please call 03 693 1121 for telephone support.
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