June 2017


1992 - 2017 - HHA Celebrating 25 years!

HHA have been selling, installing and supporting software products for 25 years.  Working with Intersoft Systems Limited and IMS Limited.  Along the way we have worked with and maintain an association with many companies to ensure we can provide you with an office system that works.

What we do

Our main business focus is our lending and investment software finPOWER Connect offering finance companies a superior product for their business needs.

We offer customised office systems from Transport Management Software to integrations and scripts e.g
  • Freight Rating & Dispatch Software
  • Container Software
  • Dashboards
  • Financial Reporting
  • Web Freight Scheduler
  • Warehouse & Storage Software
  • Rental & Leasing Software
  • Manufacturing Software
We also sell, support and install MYOB|IMS Payroll along with processing payroll for clients.

Our current team consists of 13 team members from full time to part time with 7 team members in our Geraldine Office, 5 in Christchurch and 1 in Dunedin.  Each team member brings a different skill set allowing us to share our knowledge to offer you a office system that works. 

Thank you for your continued support of the team at HHA Associates Limited.
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FinanceExpo Landscape)col-411
Finance Expo 2017

Confirmed Data and Venue - "Improving Efficiency for Growth"

This year the Finance Expo will be held on Wednesday 2 August 2017 at the Sudima Hotel.

There will be two sessions separated by a lunch break.  Each session will be anchored by a keynote speaker and a couple of shorter supplier presentations.  The Lunch break will incorporate a Trade Show for other industry suppliers.  

The theme of the 2017 Finance Expo is "Improving Efficiency for Growth".

If you wish to express you interest in attending we are happy to take your details now.  
E:  amanda@hhaassociates.co.nz
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finPOWER Connect Logo-558Training for Us
We have to train too!

The team headed to Napier in May 2017

Helen, Jenny and Andrew headed to Napier and attended the recent Dealer Training and learnt some valuable technical aspects of finPOWER Connect.  There they covered finPOWER Connect Cloud, Account Applications, Gem Box / IS Word Docs, Workflows, E-Signatures, Pages Sets, Deposits, New Centrix products and an update re rPPSR.  We will publish more information as it comes available, but if you are interested in any of the above modules and features please contact Jenny today.  E: jenny@hhaassociates.co.nz

More information next month and at the Finance Expo.
New PPSR Fees from 1 July 2017

Government approved changes to Companies Office fees

Last year, the Government approved changes to some Companies Office fees.  The last time these fees were amended was on 1 August 2012.

New regulations are being developed now.  Once these are in place, the new fees will be effective from 1 July 2017.  These changes will:
  • better reflect the cost of providing the services
  • affect fees and levies for the PPSR, Companies Register and Financial Service Providers registers
Some of the changes to fees in the PPSR Register are as follows:
PPSR Table 2017-422
Do you need PPSR G2B?
The above charges are halved if they are done through the finPOWER Connect PPSR G2B module

finPOWER Connect Logo-558Handy Tip
Do you Multi Task?

This features allows you to have many different accounts open along the top of your screen

Multi tasking:
  1. General - The ability of an individual to execute or complete multiple tasks simultaneously.
  2. Computers - The ability of a computer to run more than one program or process at one time by a single usser.
  3. finPOWER Connect - The ability to have multiple accounts open at one time.
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For assistance contact our Help Desk:
P: 03 693 1121 option 3
E: support@hhaassociates.co.nz

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Payroll Legislation Update

Changes to parental leave payments
These changes to parental leave take effect from 1 June 2017.

One change means employees who want to receive parental leave payments can now use their paid leave (e.g annual leave, alternative days, special leave or time off in lieu) first.  In that situation their parental leave payment period can start at the end of their leave, even if it is later than the child's arrival or due date.  Before 1 June 2017, the parental leave payment period can't start later then the child's arrival.
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Mileage Rate for Motor Vehicles Increase
For the 2017 tax year (1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017), the mileage rate for both petrol and diesel fuel vehicles increased to 73 cents per km.

This year IRD are also able to set mileage rates for hybrid and electric cars. The mileage rates for these vehicles are:
  • hybrid - 73 cents per km
  • electric - 81 cents per km.

For both Hybrid and Electric vehicles, IRD data shows that although these types of vehicle have lower running costs, these are offset by higher fixed costs.

If you're an employer you can use the above rates when reimbursing employees for the use of their private vehicle for work-travel for the current tax year (1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018).

The mileage rate is reviewed after a tax year ends so the rate reflects the average motor vehicle operating costs for that year. If you've filed your 2017 income tax return using the 2016 rate of 72 cents per km, you can request an amendment.

If the mileage rate doesn't reflect your actual costs, or your work-travel is more than 5,000km per year, you must keep a record of your actual vehicle expenses.

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yes-no-buttons-873Easter Winner
You selected YES!

Thank you to those that updated their MYOB|IMS Payroll and pressed YES in our April 2017 newsletter, we had a fantastic response.  

If you answered YES this put you in the draw for an Easter treat.

Congratulations to:   Paul Evans @ DA Lewis

Your treat is on the way.

For those that selected NO to updating MYOB|IMS thank you for advising us so that we could assist asap.

Please remember all software updates are now supplied via email so it is important to keep your payroll email address updated with us. 


Keeping you Updated

Payroll Information / Changes
Below are some useful links to keep you updated on the changes happening now and proposed changes:

At anytime you need assistance or have a query please contact the team:

P: 03 693 1121 option 2
E: payroll@hhaassociates.co.nz

secured-signing-logo-119Secured Signing

HHA are onboard

Here at HHA we have taken on board and set up our own account with Secured Signing.  

We are in the process of uploading some of our standard documents to our Secured Signing account.

For all forms, order forms, proposals, support agreements etc that require our clients to complete and sign these will all now be sent via our Secured Signing account.

Unsure what this means for you - no more having to print, wait for the post/courier documents, just need to review on screen and sign.  It really is that simple.

Click below on some of the tutorials on how easy it really is.

Sign as an Invitee
Sign as a Witness
Sign as an Invitee and Invite a Witness
Fill and Sign a Form as an Invitee

Secured Signing Releases World First Video

Confirmation of Identity for eSignatures

Secured Signing have expanded their already impressive identity confirmation capabilities with the world first use of video confirmation as part of the online signing process to deliver signed documents that provide unchallengeable proof of agreement.

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