June 2016

This is no cup of tea and a quick chat!
This is an opportunity to hear about the latest technology, regulators, key service providers and developments that will directly affect your business.

This is also a great opportunity to discuss your CCCFA obligations, hear about the upcoming PPSR changes and learning about compliance.

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FinanceExpo Landscape)col-978

Christchurch - Tuesday 5th July 2016 at 1pm
While there will be presentations, you will have direct access to these providers.....check out who will be there:

Bank Statements-539-337

Commerce Commission-126-950 NZCO PPSR-194-882 VixVerify-142

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HHA - Lending and Investment-15
CentrixLogo-742Credit Applications - checking out your clients!
Intersoft Systems Limited - finPOWER Connect has partnered with Centrix to provide a comprehensive credit reporting service.  This allows you to have immediate access to a range of credit reporting services including Consumer credit reports, Company credit reports and Motor vehicle reports.

Register your account now to take advantage of the competitive report pricing.

Accrued Leave - Helping Clarify 
It is important to note that accrued leave may not always be displayed as the actual hours/days entitled.

We have put together an example for you to help clarify how accrued leave is calculated and the factors that have an effect on your accrued leave.

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Employment Records a MUST

Employment standards are requirements such as the minimum wage, annual holidays and written employment agreements.  They protect vulnerable workers and help to ensure workplaces are fair and competitive.

Use this checklist to make sure you are capturing all the information you will need for your employee records.  

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Employment Agreements a MUST

You MUST have a written employment agreement (also known as an employment contract) for ALL employees. 

employment builder
Its All Good-151

Helping you Know your Rights!

Get to know the It's All Good crew
The Commerce Commission has launched an original animated series to raise awareness of consumer rights.  It's All Good features New Zealand's sharpest legal advisor Aunty and her nephew Herman Faleafa, targeted at raising awareness of borrowers' rights following the introduction of the new credit laws in 2015.
Commerce Commission-126-950
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Time to Upgrade XP-1Windows XP, Office 2003, SQL 2005

Running out of date operating systems and office software costs you time and money.  

There are various options to help you to upgrade contact us today to see if OnlineHHA is a fit for you.  This is a great way to know your backups are completed and secure!


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