July 2016

HHA and Intersoft-964-53
Intersoft Systems Ltd & HHA Associates Ltd in Christchurch

Paul (Intersoft), Jayne (HHA), Jenny (HHA), Helen (HHA), Linda (Intersoft)

Information, Software, Connections!

Wow the tools, the connections, the account applications to documents to debt collection it is just amazing how far we have come!

Thank you to those that were able to attend the Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland Finance Expo 2016.  These have been a great success and with the feedback received it looks like they will become an annual event!

All presentations will be online soon we will keep you posted, but in the meantime check out the on-line account application that was presented by Intersoft Systems Limited.

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Customer-Feedback-705-966Be in the draw for FREE Training on finPOWER Connect!

For those that attend The Finance Expo we would like your feedback in order for us to learn the lessons from this one, so we can make next year a bigger and better success.  

We have generated a survey please click on the image to take part or alternatively CLICK HERE.

To be eligible for the FREE Training submit your feedback to go into the draw.

Check out some new connections for finPOWER Connect:

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Windows 10


Is this happening to you???
Windows 10 updates appear to cause PC crashes, loss of programs and the likes.

It is very important if your system is prompting you to upgrade to Windows 10 that you contact your hardware person immediately for assistance.

We can confirm that our software runs successfully on Windows 10 and for new PC's with Windows 10 already installed we have had no known issues.

Remember we are here to help with your upgrades!



EDI (Electronic Data Interface)

Do you need to contact your Freight operator to let them know that there are goods ready to be picked up?
There are several companies that offer EDI from your software to emPOWER.

For example:
  • Post Haste - an application on your desktop that works at your dispatch desk
  • Fliways - several options here (let us know your requirements)
  • Courier Post - several options with various levels of complexity
These are just a few that we are currently working with, but there are many more.  They all offer tracking to the client.

These EDI's give you the ability in varied levels;
  • Price Freight
  • Put Weights on freight
  • Contact electronically your freight supplier
  • provide tracking numbers to your clients (this can be emailed to your customers)
Let us know how we can assist.  Remember the key to this is the setup of accurate delivery addresses and if required loading of the size and weights of your items.

Contact helen@hhaassociates.co.nz for more information.


Calculating Annual Leave Rates

Leave Earnings History

Leave Earnings History-263
The leave earnings history tab contains information used to calculate your average, rate, ordinary rate and average daily pay.

Annual Leave should be paid at the higher of the Average or Ordinary Rate!

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Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce  


New Zealand Payroll Practitioners Association

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