January 2018

HHA Team Update

We are all back on board and have had a great break and have some great goals in place.

What have the team been up to:
  • Payroll Team are now Xero Payroll Certified
  • Payroll Team now have another product on offer as an online Payroll option:
    • Crystal Payroll
  • Jenny is fund raising for the Relay for Life 2018 to be held in Geraldine 10th March 2018
    • If you would like to contribute please visit here to help Jenny's team
  • Lending & Investment team they are working hard with our finance clients to ensure those that need to upgrade to finPOWER Connect for the new PPSR requirements are on track with a deadline of 2 July 2018.
  • Training and Studies for some of the staff are under way
  • We will be looking at finalising Xero Certification this year
  • The Development team are doing wonders with AMS (AMS is mobile software for transforming how your business captures and transfers information using mobile devices).
Keep up the great work team, you have set some amazing goals and these are all very achievable.   
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New rPPSR Goes Live 2 July 2018

Have you upgraded to finPOWER Connect?
We are well underway with more finPOWER to finPOWER Connect conversions this year, but there are still a number of you that have not committed to converting to finPOWER Connect.

From 2 July 2018 the new rPPSR electronic registration will go live.  This move is being driven by the Ministry of Business Innovation and Enterprise (MBIE) and is designed to replace the reliable but aging platform.

For those still on finPOWER with the PPSR G2B Module, unfortunately Intersoft Systems Limited will not be modifying this software to the new PPSR.  finPOWER Connect is being enhanced to cater for the new PPSR.
What happens if you don't upgrade to finPOWER Connect? 
You will lose the ability from 2 July 2018 to directly interface to the PPSR from within finPOWER.  This means you will have to enter Financing Statements via the PPSR website.

Interested in upgrading to finPOWER Connect then contact Jenny today to have your database conversion booked it don't leave in to the last minute!

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FreightMan Update
Freight Rates - Visibility/Security
We now have the ability to secure the freight rates in Freightman.  A operator can now view and edit all the rates in the system (full access), or just view the rates but not maintain, or not see the rates at all.

Your system administrator or support team at HHA will assist you in this setup, e.g the 'rate schedules' tool item is greyed out.
FM Rate Schedules-588
Customer Re-Names
Up until now, when the customer is renamed in emPOWER, the database for FreightMan and Web Freight Scheduler is not updated with the new customer code.  This can cause some issues at the time of updating invoices to emPOWER.

HHA have set up a new facility in emPOWER so that when you change the code of a customer it will automatically update FreightMan & Web Freight Scheduler rates, consignments and data.

For more information contact the support team: help@hhaassociates.co.nz

System Requirements:  emPOWER 5.3.23 | FreightMan 8.3.63 
Payroll - End of Year

Book Today Payroll Health Check-122-190

The end of financial year is fast approaching!
What will happen and how we can help
  • A new version will be emailed to you from MYOB|IMS Payroll - please ensure that we have the correct payroll email address for the download
  • Procedure notes will be available once supplied from MYOB|IMS and they will be on our Website
  • Our team will be available for support calls from 8am - 5pm Monday to Friday and other times by arrangement
  • We can come on site or remotely connect and assist you with your EOY process - remember to book early as appointments fill up fast.
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Payroll Health Check
Have you booked yours?
Our Payroll Health Checks are conducted onsite or online.
What involves a Payroll Health Check?
Payroll Health Check looks at your payroll data across the following tabs;
Company Controls Employee Controls Payroll Processing
Costing Payments Time Sheets
Payments Leave Types Reports
Deductions History IR Filing
Book Today Payroll Health Check-122-190We also review your current and future payroll needs are;
  • do you have a back up process in place?
  • are you uploading your bank file electronically?
  • are you exporting to your general ledger?
  • do you need to integrate to other software systems from your payroll?
  • do you want flexibility to go online?
  • do you need time and attendance?
  • are you exporting to your accounting system?
  • are you wanting to outsource your payroll processing?
  • ​do you need a hand to process your payroll while you take a holiday?
If you would like a Payroll Health Check contact the Payroll Team today.
HHA Associates Limited and it's employee are working in an advisory capacity only and therefore should any dispute, either verbal or written, arise between an employer and employee, legal advice must be sought.

Compliance-450Keeping you Compliant

To keep you in the loop of all things legislation here a few things happening:
  • IRD - My GST will change to My business in April 2018 - read more here
  • IRD - Payday Filing - read more here
  • Employment NZ - Government announced a new Bill that will amend the Employment Relations Act 2000 - read more here.



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