HHA News - October 2020

Now is the time!

Keeping in touch with customers, suppliers and clients is key to success in business.

While we were in lockdown level 4, we pooled our resources and ideas together, and created a very efficient emailing system to send emails to your customers, suppliers and clients.

This is available to emPOWER, finPOWER and finPOWERConnect users both for Access and SQL databases.



The HHA Bulk Mailer is driven by you!
  • You can enter your own subject line
  • You can write the text of your email
  • You can attach a file
  • You can use Bookmarks – eg. The company name that you sending it to
  • You can select who you want to email to
  • You can see who the email will go to
  • You can edit the list before emailing
  • You will be provided with a file of all those emailed to
  • You will be provided with an exception report of those that do not have email addresses
  • Careful use of bookmarks will try to limit spam
But - You will need a hand to setup your email address with your logo!

If you are interested in activating this new HHA Bulk Emailer we are happy to discuss it with you.


Remote Desktop HintsRDC

Many of you use Chrome as your web browser! Chrome is notorious for using up memory in an attempt to give users the best functionality of all the browsers. Unfortunately the little bits of web pages left behind in a browsing session can cause slowness when other applications need the memory it is holding on to. Here is a link to an article for HowtoGeek on this very subject.
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Text Messaging Update
The existing "SMS Interface" Add-On has been rebranded the "Messaging" Add-On and is available with Version 3.03.03 of finPOWER Connect. In addition, there is a new "Advanced Messaging" Add-On, which adds new service providers and features for SMS Messages.
Providers now supported:
  • ClickSend
  • EziTxt
  • SMS Fusion
  • Twillio
The new interface is fully integrated into Cost Centres, meaning you can easily analyse SMS costs.
To switch to the new Messaging Interface you need to complete a number of steps, (we recommend updating your TxtStream password even if you aren’t upgrading.)
We will be in touch soon to upgrade your software and at the time will also assist you to update your Global Settings and TxtStream details.
If you want to take advantage of the new service providers and features immediately, please contact Support@hhaassociates.co.nz and we will be in touch.

Introducing....alleviate the AML Nightmare




Fit and Proper Lenders 
The Commerce Commission has finalised the criteria it will use to assess whether a lender is 'fit and proper' under changes to the CCCF Act.
The criteria focuses on all Directors and Senior Managers of lenders and mobile traders being competent, financially sound, honest, reputable, and reliable.
Due to COVID-19, the date the Commission must be satisfied that all Directors and Senior Managers of lenders and mobile traders are 'fit and proper' has been moved from 1st April 2021 to no earlier than 1st October 2021. These individuals must be certified as 'fit and proper' by the Commission before the lender can be registered on the Financial Service Providers Register.
Lending without certification could result in penalties of up to $600,000 for a company or $200,000 for an individual.
The Commission is intending to provide guidance about the certification process and how it plans to apply the criteria later in the year.
This is a link to the certification criteria for "fit and proper" lenders.
Addendum for Covid-19COVID 19-964
An addendum has been added to the Responsible Lending Code of the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act.
Here is a link to that Addendum

The Government has made law changes to the CCCF Act, and is developing new regulations. 

As a result of Covid-19 and technical issues delaying development, the regulations have been split into 2 sections, with the first to be made prior to the election, and the second later this year.
The first section of these regulations relate to:
  • responsible advertising standards for lenders
  • the information to be disclosed at the start of debt collection
  • disclosure requirements when a contract has been varied
  • amendments to existing regulations relating to disclosure of information about dispute resolution services and financial mentoring services.
The remaining regulations relate to affordability and suitability assessments. 
Both sections of regulations, and most of the remaining provisions of the Credit Contracts Legislation Amendment Act will come into force on 1st October 2021. 

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