HHA News - March 2020

Are you work-anywhere ready?

If you answer no to any of these questions, then talk to us about how we can help.
  • Can all essential staff access your systems remotely and securely?sorryclosed-636-925-723
  • Have you actually tested this access?
  • Do all essential staff have devices and acceptable internet access?
  • Can your customers access your services via the web, I.e. Client Portal, Online Applications or Self-help section on your website?
  • Can you afford to shutdown due to being unable to operate out of your office for an unknown period?
(Its important note that you may have to reimburse for internet, cell phone and heating costs)

Here are a few tips to help you in the event your team needs to work from home.
  • Talk openly and honestly with your team about the risks of Covid-19, find out if any of them or their families are at risk. Try to find out how they are feeling… stressed, relaxed, concerned but working through their situation.
  • Do you need to allow for flexible working hours and perhaps shorter hours to suit family live eg. Preschool & School children?
  • Think about offering those concerned an opportunity to work from home for say a morning, it would be a good way to test your systems and iron out any problems.
  • Survey your team to see what internet access they have available, if it would not be suitable then discuss solutions now.
  • If you don’t provide staff laptops, cell phones or other technology check that the hardware they have at home is acceptable, do they have antivirus software, firewall enabled?  A poorly protected PC could put your network at risk.
  • Check if your team need to print from home check for relevant hardware, you may need to provide a basic printer or just ink/toner or would print to PDF work?
  • Think about how you will take calls, redirected to cell/land lines, can your phone system handle this and what is involved in setting it up.
  • If you're working from home, it's your responsibility to look after your own H&S. If you run a business which has staff working from home, you are responsible for talking through and developing policies with them on how they'll manage their health and safety when working at home.
  • Do you have tools for chatting between staff members online and meetings, e.g. Skype, Teams etc as its important to keep up your regular meetings.  
Remember: Act and plan now.  It’s what a ‘responsible’ employer would do.  It is a pandemic and odds are it will get worse in NZ before it gets better.  There is a significant difference between requiring employees to work from home for isolation reasons versus them having the Virus itself. At this time they are actually sick. Employees need to be aware of their sick & leave entitlements to plan carefully.
We hope NZ will not come to this, but we must plan.

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finance-540finPOWER Connect Logo-558-429

Changes to Consumer Credit Law 2020

Can you afford financial penalties of up to $600K

If you don't review the changes to this legislation, that could be the outcome!

The Credit Contracts Legislation Amendments Act was passed in 2019 – there are several important changes for lending and borrowing in New Zealand.
Key changes to be introduced include for 1 June 2020: 
  • Interest Rate and Cost of Credit Cap 
  • Lenders assessment of affordability and suitability of loans
  • Responsible lending laws for mobile traders – to be treated as creditors under consumer credit contracts.
  • Responsible advertising standards – to provide contracts in languages used in advertising for example.
  • Greater transparency and access to redress during debt collection.
Tougher penalties will be imposed for irresponsible lending, including financial penalties up to $600,000

Directors and senior managers of consumer credit lenders will be required to meet a “fit and proper person” test before being registered on the Financial Service Providers register.
For further assistance to interpret how these changes will affect your business – PLEASE contact your lawyer. 

We are available to advise, but given the gravity of this change, recommend you contact your lawyer after reading this link. 

We will be contacting you before June to work through how these changes affect you.

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Introducing Mike Holley
MikeH Headshotsmall

Mike’s passion for all thing techy started when he built his first pc in 1992. He has been involved in IT and Software Development in one form or another since 1997.
He has also been involved heavily in Management; from managing the family automotive business to senior leadership roles in ‘big box’ retail, ACC, and as the General Manager of a successful finance company. During that time he kept his passion for programming and IT, regularly undertaking projects from Websites to Custom Software.
Most recently he began developing new and advantageous programmes to complement finPOWER Connect whilst managing the finance company. In 2019 he joined the Team at HHA to help develop solutions for others.

​Mike is a valuable addition to the HHA team. He is generous with his knowledge and experience. If you have a process you need streamlining, you will be in excellent hands.

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IRD is no longer using cheques! Neither is Kiwibank

If you use PAYE or GST, this information is important! IRD no longer use cheques.
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Free Webinars 

IRD are offering webinars for employers and not for profit organisations. These are often topical and can be read on demand.
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Public Holidays at weekends

If Waitangi Day or ANZAC day fall on a Saturday or Sunday and you do not normally work, the following Monday is a paid public holiday. This is known as Mondayisation. There is always discussion around what to pay employees.

Anzac day is Mondayised in 2020 – that is the stat day becomes 27 April 2020. Anzac day, as well as being subject to shop trading restrictions, is a public holiday. If an employee does not work on a public holiday and it is their otherwise working day, they receive one day of pay at the rate of Relevant Daily Pay or Average Daily Pay

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