April 2016

Exciting news from our Logistics team!

Web Freight Scheduler
HHA have developed a web front end for our FreightMan software - the fabulous new browser-based interface is linked to your FreightMan system behind the scenes and has access to the full rating schedules.
  • You can now work away from the office, anytime as long as you have a reliable internet connection.  
  • Now your truck scheduling, loading new consignment / jobs and tracking the progress of your jobs are at your finger tips.
But there is more....now you can select from multiple customer addresses and track the progress with the emoji.  happy

A fantastic new Truck Day Sheet is inclusive in the software.
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Want to see it in action contact the team today!

P: 03 693 1121 option 4
E: sales@hhaassociates.co.nz


FinanceExpo Landscape)col-852

What is it?

The Finance Expo is a NZ first and brings together the leading technology specialists of the finance industry along with regulators and key service providers in an informative, FREE 1/2 day session.  All members of the NZ finance industry are invited and the attendee list will encompass a broad spectrum of the industry, from Tier One lenders to the smallest Loan companies.

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finPOWER Connectnews-193
Finance Industry Compliance
There are a vast array of letters, reminders, contracts and forms, loan account process and types in use throughout the finance industry.  These are often customised to your business requirements and will need review and modification from time to time e.g. CCCFA 2003 with amendments 2015 and your own business changes.

HHA wish to extend a reminder to you when establishing documentation for compliance to legislation, that finPOWER Connect software offers sample base documents.

The documents rely on you to be responsible to ensure your business documents are fit for the purpose and you shall, as necessary seek independent professional advice from sources such as lawyers, accountants and government agencies.

HHA endeavours to notify and assist you with the latest in the documents and processes but cannot take responsibility for compliance with legislation.
End of Year Process
Stage Two
Closing a Financial Year

finPOWER / finPOWER Connect

Intersoft Systems Limited


Centrix Sample Reports-279

Holiday Pay Calculations
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Keep Calm & Keep Safe
Worksafe NZ

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Payroll Health Check
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Payroll Outsourcing

Why would I outsource my payroll?

  • Cost effective
  • Free up resources within your company
  • Keep your Payroll Compliant
  • Keep your software up to date
  • Back ups are secure
  • IRD Reporting generated ready for you to upload to IRD
  • End of Year processing completed
  • Pay runs are processed by our experienced team of Payroll Processors.

How does it work?

Contact our Payroll Team on 03 693 1121 option 2 and discuss your requirements. 
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Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce  


New Zealand Payroll Practitioners Association

Geraldine District Promotions Association Inc



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