finPOWER Connect Cloud

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finPOWER Connect Cloud is a browser-based version of finPOWER Connect that works in conjunction with the finPOWER Connect Web Services.

Key features include:

  • Access to finPOWER Connect data from any modern Web browser
    • For Finance Company staff and external Agents
    • No need to install finPOWER Connect
  • Optimised for both Mobile and Desktop
  • Quick searching of data (Clients, Accounts, Securities etc)
  • Key functionality:
    • View Clients, Accounts, Account Applications, Securities and Workflows
      • Full information as per the Windows version of finPOWER Connect
      • Including Credit Enquiries, Bank Account Enquiries and other information
    • Add Logs
    • Send Emails
    • Send SMS messages
    • Create an Account Settlement Summary
  • Management Dashboard
    • Built-in Management Reporting
    • Customised Reporting
  • Customisable
    • Theme C
    • Log Images
    • Menu
    • Content

Hosting finPOWER Connect CloudOnlineHHA logo pos-512

finPOWER Connect Web Services and finPOWER Connect Cloud must be hosted by the User.  

Refer Onlinehha for more information on hosted services.

finPOWER Connect Web Services

Web Services allow external applications to connect securely and perform against a finPOWER Connect database, e.g., getting an Available Credit value for an Account.
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