Key Features

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finPOWER Connect connection Software to assist you in your business of lending & investment and connection you to your information providers.

Client Relationships

When a client contacts you for what every reason, you need to make sure you have all their information at your fingertips.  finPOWER Connect has a comprehensive client file that is easily and clearly lays out everything you need to know about your client.  If this is not enough, a Client Summary Screen can be customised to meet your specific informational requirements.

Flexibility and Functionality

Whether you are looking to configure a unique lending product, a unique business model or a more conventional system, finPOWER Connect can assist you.  There are numerous options that allow you to expand or contract the data set captured, alter the look and feel of Accounts and Clients, define your own fields and much more.

External Interfaces

You do not exist in the finance world alone.  Daily you will directly interface with third party information providers such as Centrix, Xero, Banks, PPSR.  finPOWER Connect has a wide array of interfaces to these third parties that allow information to be exchanged electronically - cheaper, more accurately and much faster than any manual process.

Legislative Compliance

All accounts can be configured to ensure only complying details are entered and finPOWER Connect can also assist in producing compliant Disclosure Statements and other documentation.

Audit and Control

finPOWER Connect prides itself on logging a host of activities that can occur in the system and stamping each transaction with Date, Time and User details.  It also provides a full audit trail of interest calculations and methods.  All menu options and functions within finPOWER Connect can be controlled on a per User basis.  This allows individual Users and groups of Users to have restricted functionality within the system and allows you to control the access your staff have to different parts of the system.

Industry Standard Architecture

finPOWER Connect is developed using the latest development tools and using industry standard architecture.  This benefits you going forward, knowing that your system will be relevant for years to come.  finPOWER Connect utilises a number of different database platforms meaning it can most likely fit within your existing IT infrastructure without the need for expensive new database licenses.

Exposed Business Layer

The Business Layer provides a gateway to the database for third party and internal applications to access the data in a controlled and managed manner.  This can include Websites, custom Loan applications or even your own in-house developed reporting toolkit - all can access your important data while maintaining the safety and integrity of your database.

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