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Secured Signing

Secured Signing is a cloud-based eSigning and eForms service that allows financial services and business of all sizes to invite their customers, employees, partners, and suppliers to fill in and sign electronic documents using any device, anywhere, anytime. The system offers a complete customised signing workflow including issuing invitations, automating reminders, showing signing progress in real time, monitoring of signing process, and upon completion, a detailed audit trail.

The trusted, encrypted, user specific X509 PKI digital signature technology that underpins Secured Signing ensures the authenticity of signatories and documents. The signature seals the document in such a way that any alteration invalidates the signature. Compliance with the NZ Electronic Transactions Act 2002 and corresponding international legislation guarantees validity and legal enforce ability worldwide.

Financial services that adopt Secured Signing will experience increased efficiency and prompt business process, exceptional customer experience, cost saving, fast turnaround of complete and accurate documents, and a high level of document security with proof of signatory’s identity.

Secured Signing, a New Zealand company established in 2010, has built its business on the extensive knowledge and experience of its team of experts in the development of data security products and technology to serve a wide range of industries in New Zealand, Australia, and worldwide.

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