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Bank Statements

Proviso is a leading provider of automated bank statement data retrieval, through our Bank Statements service. We are trusted by more than 170 lenders and broker groups through Australia and New Zealand. is a customer-authorised service that retrieves up to 365 days of bank transaction data for credit applications. Data can be provided in XML, JSON or PDF formats and is categorised through our proprietary analysis algorithm.

Our solutions are secure and fast, providing an optimal consumer experience on any web based device. The customer doesn't need to download software or apps!

As a trusted partner, we retrieve the data and provide it directly to the credit provider - an additional safeguard against consumer and broker fraud. Income and expense verification is now faster, easier and more robust.

Some key advantages of Proviso technology are:

  • Accelerate acquisition of new clients

  • Reduce application abandonment

  • Incredibly fast data retrieval - only 7 seconds per account

  • Retrieve up to 365 days of data

  • Enhanced name verification

  • Proprietary categorisation and analysis algorithm

  • Flexible, easy to implement technology through hosted white label versions or API

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