Terms of Business


The recommendations for products and services supplied by HHA Associates Limited are estimates based on the information the client has furnished and our observations.    While we believe our estimates to be sound, the degree of success with which programs and services can be applied to data processing is dependent on many factors, many of which are not under the control of HHA Associates Limited.  Estimates as to the results to be obtained from products and services being supplied must not be regarded as expressed or implied warranties.  Proposed cost estimates are based on users of systems being at all times responsible for supplying, entering, and maintaining the integrity of their own data, as well as for the management and effectiveness of their own staff.

Training & Support

On a time and materials basis at the rate of: $TBA per hour plus GST.  Telephone, email, online or fax support is chargeable at $TBA per hour on a ten-minute basis.  In the instances where Team Viewer is utilised, a fee of $15 per session will apply.  All software upgrades applied by HHA Associates Limited are charged on the above basis. All software errors will be notified to the supplier immediately and will be corrected at no charge. Any data correction is the responsibility of the client; however, all efforts will be made to ensure data integrity.

Travel & Expenses

On Site visits and Call Out fees in the Central Business District and surrounding area up to 2km is chargeable at $50.  On Site visits and Call Out fees outside of the Central Business District and surrounding area up to 2km is chargeable at $70 per visit. When required, all travel expenses, e.g. flights, airport parking, rentals, meals, accommodation, taxis etc. to be paid for on a cost basis.  Travel time will be charged at $60 per hour.  Where possible we will endeavour to charge on a share costs basis.  All other expenses are chargeable on a cost basis. 

Payment Terms

Software invoices are raised as soon as software is installed.  Payment is due on installation unless otherwise stated on the order form.  Software support invoices are charged by the end of each calendar month and are due for payment by the 20th of the month following.  We reserve the right to vary this arrangement, depending on what has been mutually agreed in writing.  We reserve the right to charge penalty interest at the current bank interest rate and any collection fees on accounts not paid by the due date.  Failure to pay for software and support when due gives HHA Associates Limited the right, without liability, to enter the clients premises to remove the software licence without notice, and take the necessary legal action.

System Integration

HHA Associates Limited takes no responsibility for the functional integration and overall performance of systems containing components from multiple suppliers.


HHA Associates Limited indemnifies the client against the negligence, if any, of HHA Associates Limited which arises under an Agreement between HHA Associates Limited and the Client, provided however that such indemnity shall not exceed the proposed agreement price.  HHA Associates Limited shall not be liable for any loss of profits or savings, actual or anticipated, and any costs and/or damages claimed by the Client based on any third party arising out of any Agreement entered into between HHA Associates Limited and the Client.  HHA Associates Limited takes no responsibility or liability for any losses or costs incurred from setup/data information prepared on the client’s behalf, based on information received from the client.  
At all times data is the client’s responsibility.  While every effort is made to ensure the integrity of data on a client’s computer, unavoidable problems may arise.  It is the client’s responsibility to maintain adequate backups of data at all times. 
HHA Associates Limited and its employees are working in an advisory capacity only and therefore should any dispute, either verbal or written, arise with;
  • Payroll - between an employer and employee, legal advice must be sought, by the client.
  • Lending & Investment – must be compliant with CCCFA.
HHA Associates Limited can only recommend to clients that are working outside of the legislative requirements to adhere to legislation, all worked carried out is directed by the clients requirements.  HHA Associates Limited reserves the right to refuse or cease work at any time, should there be genuine concerns (in good faith) regarding the clients statutory obligations or exposure.


HHA Associates Limited reserves the right to email relevant Newsletters and Information to clients, and clients will have the right to unsubscribe as per the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007.
All charges are GST exclusive.